Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Later skaters...

Here we are. All packed and ready to go. We both have a couple extra kgs/lbs in our bags, but when we get robbed a couple times, things should be a bit more managable. Yes that's a ukulele in my hands. I'm planning on learning it while we travel to have something to fall back on when the financial markets completely crash, the western world is brought to its knees and I can't get a job when we get back. I'll uke for my meals on the Stockholm subway.

Flight leaves at 6am PST tomorrow (10/1/08), and after a long layover in Atlanta, we'll find ourselves at the mercy of our host in Ecuador, Pancho. After a little worry spell, we finally got word yesterday that he'd pick us up at the airport, with signs. I've always wanted to have a sign waiting for me when I get off the airplane. So that should get our trip off to a nice start.

We'll follow up with another post as soon as we hit an internet cafe...in QUITO! For real...we're going. crazy.



Brian Thurston said...

Have a great time you guys. I know I haven't seen you much, but I miss you already.


Märy said...

safe travels!
Puss o kram
The Winjums

eric said...

Adios Team Albright! Have a great time, be careful, send me a postcard from somewhere.


Susanne said...

Happy trails!
Trevlig resa!


Linda said...

We love you! Have the time of your lives!

Mom and Dad Albright

Karin said...

ni kommer få det helt underbart! bra ideè med att packa lite extra, jag blev ju av med en del i ecuador nær vi var dær - mitt eget fel till stor del, men ændå! lite korkat att læmna klæder ute på verandan, på markplan, øver natten... :)
take care guys and stay safe! i quito ska ni inte ha før mkt hyss før er efter mørkret faller, och ta taxi. men de flesta ær snælla så no worries! :)

Katarina said...

Hoppas ni får en kanonresa! Skulle gärna hänga med. Vi kanske får ett ryck och ansluter, man vet ju aldrig vi brukar ju komma i sista stund...

Kramar från familjen Edsman

Erik S said...

Great to se that you're bringing the ukulele! I will practise myself here in Gothenburg so that we can play on the streets of Buenos Aires in December...


eric said...

also, i expect a sick uke display when i come visit you in Sweden. maybe you and Jens Lekman could work some sort of duet-

Schraepfer Harvey said...

Awesome! Watch those pisco sours, or whatever they are, at altitude, k? Yes, yes, si, si, I'm soooooooooooooo excited for you guys.
Busking for kronor with a Uke, good plan.
Hola to Pancho.
yes = si
amazing = asombroso
se puede? = may I?
como guste = as you wish/like
viaje bien = safe travels (travel well)
I can't wait for the next post.

kristi said...

i really can't believe the day has finally come... (i'm actually getting teary sitting here typing tonight). it has been so amazing getting to know you two over the past 3 years! cousins who share a passion to live life the the fullest and never stop dreaming of the way life should be. your drive to set plans for yourself and follow through has been truly inspiring!
i remember when you both first moved to seattle, i was so excited to spend holidays with the "ripp" cousins, sharing easter dinners and hearing all the stories of growing up in sweden (for cec) and around the globe (for brad) and it made me realize anything is possible when you set your mind to it. thank you both for sharing so many great experiences and helping each other through the not so good. i know this isn't farewell forever, but it is hard knowing that you won't be around to grab coffee or hang out playing bags on a random summer night... :(
have a great time in south america on your travels! i'm looking forward to reading and seeing pics of all your stops along the way. (and i really can't wait to travel to sweden once you settle in.)
adios! xox