Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Press Release: The newest recruit

Jan. 11, 2011 - For Immediate Release

At a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday, representatives for Team Albright announced the recruitment of a long sought after third teammate to join the existing team.

The team's patriarch, Brad Albright, commented on what this new signing means for Team Albright.

"We are truely excited about the addition to our team and are confident our newest recruit will help us become a more well rounded and most importantly, a more competitive family unit."

Ms. Lago Albright, the team's matriarch, commented that the process of bolstering Team Albright's squad was far from a smooth road.

"The negotiations, while pleasant and enjoyable at the onset when we made the decision to bring on another team member, were not without difficulties. So trying was the process that about 2 months in I would find myself physically ill to the point of nausia and crying at the most mundane occurrences". Mrs. Lago Albright added, "I also had to keep crackers by my bed".

It is unclear whether or not the newest addition will be joining the men's or women's squad for the upcoming season. News from team insiders suggests that no information will be forthcoming on this matter until the scheduled signing date of May 8, 2011. Regardless of sex, it is doubtful that this new addition will provide support in the short-term for Mr. Albright's home brewing operations. On the prospects, Albright commented,

"It's too soon to tell. I'm hopefull that after 18 - 21 years of grooming he/she will have developed the pallate to contribute to some truely special brews. These skills take time to develop though and we won't be rushing into anything".

Team Albright is confident however that the newest addition will strengthen their squad in the areas of food consumption and human waste production. Reports suggest that such gains are known to come at a cost. The team's stats in the area of nightly-sleep-hours are expected to take a huge hit in the short term.

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Louise said...

Congrats! When is this new team mate expected to enter the world?
Looking forward to hearing more about it as news becomes available! :)

We welcomed two baby girls on December 14, they arrived eight weeks early but are doing great!

Again, congratulations!

Linda said...

March 8??? Dad and I are thrilled with your news, as you know! Love to all there!