Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are there gators in Liverpool???

Questions abound.

I mean I know life is going to change...dramatically. I know what I think is important now [including football (of the American persuasion), football (of the rest of the world persuasion), beer, golf, good food] will likely not be so important 3 - 4 months from now. But what will? I am sure that sleep and sanity will be hot commodities for Team Albright, but how much of yourself get's to stay? I like a lot of my personal interests, but also recognize that the addition of a wee Albright will put many others in perspective. Just which ones will remain? Will I be too sleep deprived to properly introduce Shimmers to my Gamecocks or my Blues? Or will my need of rest mean that Shim ends up a Liverpool supporting Gator? I'm willing to become a tee totaling vegan if it means that won't happen. And I'm pretty sure we have to leave Stockholm before Shim gets any sort of association with AIK.

So, in summary, I guess you'll be happy to know that my only concerns about our coming addition is his/her athletic allegiances. It may seem silly, but it's true. I just don't know how I'd deal with a Pool supporting Gator.



Crnhskr4lf said...

You will be happy to learn that your football watching (both persuasions)will not take much of a hit. In fact, God willing, you should be into the "sleeping all night" pahse by the time the American version rolls around. Therefore, your watching of those games should not be hindered. If you are in fact still dealing with a few late nights, you may actually get to watch a little more.

As for the little tykes allegences (sp?), I can tell you from personal experience (quite successful if I do say so myself) Shimmers will most likely follow dear 'ole dad in his tastes, providing there is sufficient prodding early in life. I highly recommend a wardrobe highly concentrated in team colors (we brought Tyler home from the hospital in a NU diaper cover)and a toy selection that has a wide variety of sporting equipment. You might want to hold off on the golf clubs for a few years to eliminate the possibility of personal or property damage. I can'e stress enought the value of "bonding" time while watching the game of your choice either. Those little buggers are sponges.

So I guess to answer the ultimate question: "Are there Gators in Liverpool?", only you can prevent that form occuring and for all our sakes, I hope you do.

P.S. -- You will have to make an ecxeption to the team colored wardrobe thing when the Husker stuff starts showing up from everyone on your side of the family!!

Crnhskr4lf said...

WOW -- Please ignore all the typos in the previous comment -- Must have been left by an illiterate redneck!