Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Apartments, Language and TV in Sverige

This weekend we went around to take a peek at a few apartments on the market just for fun. The whole process of purchasing an apartment here is wildly different from what I imagine it to be in the states. Places get listed about a week before the viewing. Viewings are almost exclusively on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings. You write your name down if you are interested and the broker contacts you on Tuesday to start the bidding process, which lasts roughly a day. You bid against other interested parties, where the price you get can go up by 10 - 40% depending on the level of interest and the starting price itself. The deal is done on Wed or Thu. So, impulsive behavior is a must if you are going to get anything. Fortunately both Cecilia and I have impulsive tendencies. The 2nd place we looked at we wanted to buy. The only thing holding us back was about 3 million kronor.

On what is sure to be the first of many comments about language difficulties, I am having language difficulties. I thought learning a bit of Spanish in South America would help me when I came here to learn Swedish. That may still be the case as I don't start Swedish classes for another 2 weeks. However, right now it's backfiring. Whenever I stop thinking and try to let my subconsious Jens do the work, my subconsious Raul takes over. He's always right there to say, "No gracias" instead of "Nej tack". Hopefully over time Jens will get in some workouts and take Raul out. I imagine he'll do it out of jealousy of his fabulously lush mustache. What's that you say? Of course I don't miss my facial hair.

On another note, TV here isn't too bad. For some reason they have Family Ties on every night. In the two episodes I've seen they've covered my 2 favorite things...gambling and drinking, and I almost got to learn some valuable life lessons. Don't drink or gamble. Family Ties can be a downer but you can't really take it seriously as it is set in the 80's. What a rediculous time. Tom Hanks (I forgot he was Elise's (the mom) brother) made a fool of himself b/c he was an alcoholic and they had an intervention. Then Elise went to Atlantic City for an architecture conference and played Blackjack all night. That's when I knew I couldn't take it seriously. Blackjack?!?! Everyone knows you play craps at the casino. Silly Family Ties.

I promise next time to have pics of our pad. Stupid memory card won't load and the Simpson's just came on.




David Armstrong said...

Once you start watching "The Facts of Life" reruns, then I think its time to come home Brad. ha

Marc said...

You are in for some great episodes of Family Ties if you keep watching. Hanks hits MJF pretty soon and turns in some great acting in the process.

Hang in there long enough and you'll get to see a young courtney cox.

Plus you just don't get shows anymore where the best friend named Boner.
- Marc

Märy said...

I remember the process of bying an apartment with my mom in Gbg a few years ago...look at the apartment, put in a bid, raise bid, boom you have an apartment in a matter of days. No time for 2nd thoughts.
Aaaah, I miss those odd old old TV shows on TV3.
Hope all is well with you guys!
Kramar Marie and the boys.