Monday, November 24, 2008

Iguazu Falls and Puerto Madryn

What does waterfalls and penguins have in common? They make you giggle and say ooh and aaahh over and over again. Experienced both in the last week.

We took the (amazing) night bus to Puerto Iguazu on the border of Brazil and checked out the falls, including going on a boat getting completely drenched, I guess that was the ultimate experience of the amazing falls at this national park. Spent another couple of days in BA doing a city walking tour. Best tour we have ever done. Couple of young recent graduates who took you all over town and told you about the finance, politics and history of Argentina. Highly recommended if you are ever in BA. Invited to a pick-up game of soccer after Christmas with the same guys, we'll see how that goes. Erik and Camilla, bring your soccer shoes.

After another bus trip, this time 17 hours south we reached the small coastal town of Puerto Madryn where we decided to hang out for a couple of days. The 80 degree weather and nice beach helped us make that decision. The main attraction here is visiting the natural reserve at Peninsula Valdes. We spent a day there with a driver and guide taking us to different beaches showing us different kinds of wild life. The highlights included a one hour whale watching boat tour where we got to see some southern right whales up close (i.e. swimming under our boat) and a penguin colony. Watching Brad being chased by an armadillo was quite amuzing as well. We also saw sea lions and elephant seals.

Getting on the bus with destination El Calafate this afternoon where we will be switching out the bathing suit for crampons.

We`ll see if they have some Turkey at the next stop, otherwise chicken will have to do for Thursday´s festivities.

Hasta Luego!


Brad checking out the penguinos

On the boat looking for whales

Brad cooking up some dinner at La Tosca Hostel

Southern right whale swimming on her back

One should take tan lines in to consideration before buying hiking shoes

Brad and Eric at the beach in Puerto Madryn after riding our bikes in the heat

Devil`s Throat at Iguazu Falls (that´s Brazil on the other side)

The Argentinians know how to enjoy the small things in life; styrofoam coozie in Puerto Iguazu

Riding the bus is like being on an airplane here, only better. Movies, dinner, wine, champagne, blankets, pillows, toilets, amazing scenery (Schreff this is where you see the live cows, lots of them) and no turbulance

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Linda said...

Every new posting leaves me wishing I was in your backpack!!! ENJOY....don't think I need to say that. Love you both.