Friday, October 31, 2008

First day in Cusco, Peru

Just got to Cusco, met Jaseon and Wayjam (explanation to follow) and experienced a halloween like no other. For those of you who have been to London and experienced the pigeons at Trafalgar was like that. Only the pigeons were little kids reaching into your pockets yelling ¨Halloween!!¨and taking candy. Pictures to follow. Like everything in South America, all sights are bittersweet. Amazingly cute kids dressed up, but some are just a little too eager for the candy, and that includes the 40 year old women that will join in the mob for a piece.

Just a quick post while the rest of the group is crashing early. Jaseon and Wayjam traveled 24 hours and are guarding against altitude sickness (we´re at 3,300 meters and they had a bad experience in lhasa a year ago) and Cecilia, well she can sleep any time.


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